Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weather Washington Cascades- Extended Outlook

Issued: 10-7-2015

Forecast models through 10-16 bring weather systems in and out of the region as troughs of low pressure drop down from the north at times. However, we will still have some dry periods. However, on the average temperatures and precipitation will be above average for much of this period. Map below shows a zonal west to east flow that tends to bring in moisture from the Pacific.

500 mb map at 18,000

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Weather Washington Cascades - Extended Outlook

Issued 9-29-2015

Forecast models continue with the pattern of a ridge of high pressure (see 500 mb map) at the surface and aloft will remain over our region for much of the time between now and October 9 although it will break down at times, like later this Friday 10-2.  Thus above normal temperatures and below to  normal precipitation will be the rule. However low confidence in the models since they have been jumping around a lot lately.

500 mb map 

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Fagin's Hike of the Week- Poe Mountain

Updated 9-29-2015

Near the Lake Wenatchee region this offers great views and for now great fall colors. A great spot to get to before the snow from winter closes this.
Mt. Whittier on the way to Poe Mt @ Alan Bauer
Prefect time to enjoy the fall @ Alan Bauer

Mount Whittier, Mount David, &Cougar Creek Valley @ Alan Bauer
Always time for a brief summit nap by Michael @ Alan Bauer

Driving Directions: Drive east on US 2  to Coles Corner and turn left (north) onto State Route 207 (signed for Lake Wenatchee) and go 4.2 miles to a Y intersection after crossing the Wenatchee River. Stay left onto North Shore Road. At 7.6 miles, after passing the ranger station and crossing the White River, the road becomes Forest Road 65. Continue west on FR 65 for 14 miles to the road's end at the trailhead (elev. 3025 ft).

Trail stats: 6 miles roundtrip and 3000 foot gain.

Disclaimer: There are many factors which you should consider in deciding whether to proceed with an outing, including the visible weather at the trailhead, the strength and experience of the party, snow and avalanche conditions, route conditions, etc. You are the final decision maker whether to proceed. West Coast Weather, LLC dba Washington Online Weather cannot be held liable for loss or injury arising from your decision to proceed, and expressly disclaims all liability related thereto. Redmond, Washington USA. Also, please bring map-compass and GPS to help with trail directions as our directions are our best estimate.
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Thursday, September 24, 2015

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weather Washington Cascades - Extended Outlook

Issued 9-23-2015

Forecast models are somewhat a mixed bag with the forecast through October 6. With several calling for below normal temperatures and above normal precipation. Thus low confidence in the forecast. I think we will have several weak systems moving over the 10 days period  with the next one moving in late Thursday (9-24) and into Friday (9-25). Then a ridge of high pressure rebuilding later this weekend and into this Monday. I think over the 10 day period we have weak systems that move in and out of our region with light precipitation at times but much of the time will be dry.

500 mb map at 18,000 feet

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Fagin's Hike of the Week- Koppen Mountain

Updated 9-21-2015

Hike in the Teanaway area with great views of Mt. Stuart and even Mt. Rainier. Might be some snow (1 or 2 inches) at top so trekking poles a good idea. Even if you do not get to the top great views and colors before that.

View of Mt. Stuart and Michael grinding up hill @ Alan Bauer
Great fall colors on the way up @ Alan Bauer

More colors @ Alan Bauer
Directions:From Seattle drive east on I-90 to East Cle Elum, exit 85. Cross over the freeway overpass and turn right (northbound) on State Route 970. Cross the Teanaway River bridge, and in another mile turn left onto Teanaway Road. Drive north on the Teanaway Road, veering right as it becomes first the North Fork Teanaway Road and then unpaved Forest Road 9737 at 29 Pines Campground. Drive 4 miles to Beverly Campground and then continue another 3 miles or so and turn left onto Forest Road 9737-120. Follow it to the  De Roux Campground which there are some horse trailers parked and the trailhead.

Trail stats: 7 miles roundtrip and 2300 foot gain.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Washington Cascades Weather- Extended Outlook

9-16-2015 Issued

The forecast between now and the end of the month brings a trough of low pressure at times over the region. With this pattern we can expect below normal temperatures and above normal precipitation. However at this point we are not expecting heavy precipitation.

500 mb map 

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